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Passing Mark Learners Test


Passing Mark Learners Test

What is the passing mark for writing the learners test and how is the test scored?
For which test? Written or computerized?
private Ally Khan on: 03 Feb 2018
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Passing Mark Learners Test
What is the passing mark for writing the learners test and how is the test scored?
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You are evaluated on 3 different sections
  • Rules of the Road
  • Road signs
  • Vehicle controls

The minimum your need to pass in indicated as (Marks to pass)

Written Test

Test sectionQuestionsMarks to pass
Road Rules3022 correct answers / 75%
Road signs and signals3023 correct answers / 77%
Vehicle Controls86 correct answers / 75%

Computer Test

Test sectionQuestionsMarks to pass
Road Rules2822 correct answers / 75%
Road signs and signals2823 correct answers / 77%
Vehicle Controls86 correct answers / 75%

If you fail any category, you fail the whole test.

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guest nelisiwe on: 18 Mar 2020
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guest Angelina Yon on: 03 Mar 2020
Please cancel my emergency auto top up
guest Beverley on: 30 Mar 2019
Going to write my test in April, what's the alcohol amount allowed?
guest Zona Ntokazi Carol Mavundla on: 22 Mar 2019
This is amazing ,i think i will make it????
guest Nosicelo on: 12 Mar 2019
How do you buy data when u need it?.
guest shafeer on: 22 Feb 2019
Thank you. I left some water and bird seeds and kept checking on it every hour or so. I also tried calling Janet Dorling on 082 665 3676 but the number was unavailable. I called yesterday evening (Saturday night) so it was probably a bad time. Ill try again later or tomorrow, Monday.
guest Pigeon on: 03 Feb 2019
guest Smanga on: 31 Jan 2019
I'm going to write on Monday hopefully I will pass after having gotten 58/65 on this test here
private Sanele Mazibuko on: 30 Jan 2019
This excise is exciting because I can't stop practicing and it makes me believe that I'll pass my learners test with flying colours.
private Victor Mokgethia on: 20 Jan 2019
I am about to do my learners,I just want to learn more
guest Tiyani Succes on: 09 Jan 2019
*147*7# option 2 doesn't work. When selecting option 2 the message says MORE OPTIONS and then when selected, and sms with more i fo will be sent???
guest Christelle on: 03 Jan 2019
This site is really the memo of the test. I passed. Keep it up
private Lawrence Lefatle on: 26 Dec 2018
I must add. No one is above the law! If a police or traffic officer drive recklessly and endanger other civilians lives you as a civilian may lay a criminal charge against that officer at ANY police station. Just make sure to have witnesses. Its difficult to prove though.
private Louis Conradie on: 10 Dec 2018
i need to write learners please help with books.
guest mahlatse on: 30 Oct 2018
Are professional drivers, drivers with a PDP permit?
private Nabeel Daniels on: 17 Sep 2018
This is not a question nor and answer. Search for "learners test" on the top of any page on this site
private Ally Khan on: 11 Sep 2018
You are given 60 minutes to complete the test. Next time start a new question thread!
private Nabeel Daniels on: 11 Sep 2018
Hi I find this questions and answers very helpful I am writing on the 11 September 2018.I believe I am going to pass. Thank you very much keep up the good work
guest Mashiane on: 09 Sep 2018
I dont think this is correct
private Ally Khan on: 05 Sep 2018
Is a wild card the same as a green card?
guest on: 02 Sep 2018
How do I transfer from my account airtime to any other networks
guest guest on: 17 Apr 2018
I want to send airtime from Telkom mobile number to another network can i
guest guest on: 16 Apr 2018
The whole test must be re-written, you need to book again. Photos, booking fee etc, all from over.
private Ally Khan on: 06 Feb 2018
If you fail a section of the test do you rewrite that section only or the whole test?
private Roy Essex on: 04 Feb 2018

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