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  • 11 Jan 2018
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About Honey Bee Driving School

About Honey Bee Driving School
The Best K53 Training System in South Africa

We are not an average driving school, we specialize in assisting learners that are nervous or completely new to driving.

We offer additional support and undivided attention throughout our lessons.

Our training structure follows a step by step process covering detailed theory, followed by practice in a controlled environment before we introduce you to traffic.

We specialize with learners who have developed a fear of driving and/or who have repeatedly failed their test.

We only accept a limited amount of applicants at our school so we can commit to always being available and on time for your lessons.
We offer training for Code 8 license in Manual or Automatic cars, we also do driver training for Code 10.

We work from 7AM to 8PM x 7 days a week and cover all areas with a pick up and drop off service. We try our best to accommodate your schedule.

We are always on time and never cancel your appointments.

We provide the highest level of training.
All our instructors are thoroughly trained, vetted and monitored.

It’s the difference in our training and service that makes the difference with your safety and driving test.

We have noted the inadequacies of general driving schools, driving instructors and communication regarding K53 training to bring you our high performance driving school system.

We chose the bee as our company logo for its quality team and work ethic, and high value end product.

HBDS Driving Instructors and Driving Consultants (PTY) LTD. MORE …

5 Driving Lessons Cape Town R850, Manual or Automa

Motoring » Driving Lessons » Cape Town

5 Driving Lessons Cape Town R850, Manual or Automa 5 Code 8 Manual or Automatic Driving Lessons The is a good option for new learners looking to start off or as a quick brush up course to regain confidence. This package can be structured to suit your…

Price: R850

Complete Learners and Driving Course

Motoring » Driving Lessons » Cape Town

Complete Learners and Driving Course Comprehensive driver training package for new learners. We teach you the rules of the road, safety observations and traffic signs. We take you to book your learners test and make sure you get the earliest date possible.…

Price: R2200

Scheduled Learners Class, Guaranteed Pass

Motoring » Driving Lessons » Cape Town

Pass your learners with our schedule learner’s class. The K53 learners test is composed of 100 questions for each test. Each vehicle class has 3 different question papers. To prevent cheating, the examiner randomly distributes a question paper to each…

Price: R99

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