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10 Driving Lessons. 1 Hour lessons

Western Cape » Cape Town
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Price: R1,800.00
Contact No:0822974086
Address: 12 Liesbeek Parkway Cape Town
Created on:2020-03-24
Business Profile: DriveCo Driving School
10 Driving Lessons. 1 Hour lessons
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10 Driving Lessons. 1 Hour lessons

10 Driving Lessons.

10 x 1 hour session including car hire on the day of your test.

This includes pick-up and drop in most areas of Cape Town, please enquire before you book.

Your instructor will also take you to book for your drivers test if you havnt already secured a date at your traffic department.

Our lessons are comprehensive and thorough. Our instructors are given a syllabus that covers everything needed to get you ready for your test and to make you a safer driver.

Your first lesson will be to assess your driving and familiarity.

Based on your experience we will cover vehicle inspection, starting procedures and operation. If your understanding of the basics is satisfactory we will focus on the correct technique of pulling away, changing gears, turning, and stopping.

Subsequent lessons will include the following with repetition where necessary:

Exterior inspection.

Safety observations.

Incline start.

Emergency Stopping.


Three Point Turn.

Hand signals.

Alley Docking Right and Left.

Parallel Parking.

We introduce you to traffic when you are ready and you have a good grasp of all the safety observation.

Your last 2 lessons will be done on the actual test route where your test is booked.

Your instructor will take you to practice the same route as you would on the day of your test.

Each learner advances at their own pace, the information provided is only an outline of what we teach each learner.

Everyone progresses differently and we prepare them and their own pace.

Your progress for each lesson is evaluated and discussed between the learner and the instructor so we know where to concentrate on.