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12 car buying services in South Africa that will come to you with instant payment and buy your vehicle.

Up and until around 2008 the most common method for getting your car sold was placing an advert in the weekly publication of the Junkmail/CapeAds or the bi-weekly Autotrader magazine. The convenience of the internet has reduced these old trends to a distant memory and now they mostly seize to exist.

The final publishing of CapeAds went on sale with a good bye towards the end of 2014, by that point the motoring section was reduced to a mere 4 pages of something that failed to resemble Junkmail in its glory days. While the internet has brought upon a drastic change in buying and selling a car through vehicle classifieds and free ads, these services offer certain conveniences to a seller but at the same time they also come with enough disadvantages and risks to merit a write up of its own.

We previously wrote about the advantages and disadvantages of selling a car privately where we mentioned the risks and precautions needed take when selling your car. Due to these risks and potential inconveniences attached we are seeing a boom in online and mobile vehicle buying services such as We Buy Cars, The Car Buyer and CarZar. While this concept is not new to South Africa or even recent, it is only since around 2014 that it has taken off. Thats roughly 14 years after the first car buying service was conceived in December 2000.

With the rapidly increasing number of online car buying services in South Africa, we thought its about time we collected some information and presented them to the motoring community. While this list might contain less popular car buying services that we cannot vouch for, most of them are legitimate and truly offer a convenient, stress free and safer way of selling a used car in South Africa.

Here's a list of the Car Buying services in South Africa for you to consider the next time you decide to sell your car, bakkie, motorbike or trailer in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Bloemfontein and other smaller cities.

We Buy Cars

We Buy Cars started gaining popularity nationally in 2014/early 2015 but they've been around since 2005. They offer the broadest coverage with car buying agents across all the major cities of South Africa as well as large subset of smaller towns. Originally called Micra Motors, We Buy Cars head office is based in Pretoria where they originally focused We Buy Cars to the Gauteng province, they have since progressed to the point where you can easily and reliably sell your car from almost anywhere in South Africa.

Why use WeBuyCars to sell your vehicle:
  1. We Buy Cars will come to you.
  2. They offer immediate payment via EFT or Cash.
  3. They are 1 of the longest standing online car buying companies in South Africa.
  4. They buy all vehicles including commercial and company fleets.
  5. We Buy Cars will settle your vehicles outstanding finance.

WeBuyCars buys vehicles throughout South Africa.

Get in touch with We Buy Cars to get an instant cash offer for you car and sell it with convenience. We buy cars contact details:

The Car Buyer

The Car Buyer - originally called Reliable Motor Car Assets started in 2008/2009, by 2013 the service was re-branded to TheCarbuyer and their "sell your car service" moved online to provide a fully-fledged mobile car buying service. The Car Buyer offers free advice related to buying and selling a vehicle and has published some very informative content related to motoring. The Car Buyer buys vehicles up to R150.000 and also offers vehicle inspection services to the public. If you are looking to buy a used vehicle and want a sound opinion, their assessments are thorough and un-biased.

Why sell your car to The Car Buyer?
  1. Instant payment into your bank account via EFT, Direct deposit or cash
  2. The Car Buyer offers mobile inspection at no cost to the seller, they will come to you at your convenience.
  3. In addition to buying used vehicles and company fleets, TheCarBuyer is 1 of the few car buying services where you can sell a non-running car or bakkie.
  4. The Car Buyer handles all the paperwork.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the instant cash offer, TheCarBuyer offers to add your vehicles information to their network of dealers and service providers where you could receive multiple offers directly from potential buyers.

Arrange a free inspection and sell your car to TheCarBuyer.

The Car Buyer buys vehicles used in Cape Town. Through partnered dealerships you can also easily sell your vehicle in Johannesburg and Kimberly for the Northern Cape.

Connect with TheCarBuyer for a quick and convenient sale.


CarZar is a fairly new car buying service that launched late 2015 but they seem to offer a very comprehensive service. To date they are the only car buying service that provides an instant automated offer on your vehicle. As soon as you add your vehicles details an obligation free offer is presented to you. Although this offer is automated and subject to an inspection, their system is so sophisticated that the offer you receive is quite accurate if compared to trade and similar offers you might receive elsewhere.

Why sell your car to CarZar?
  1. When you add you cars information to CarZar you will receive an instant offer! No waiting for assessors to respond to emails.
  2. Once you've accepted the offer, CarZar will pay you immediately.
  3. If you aren't happy with the instant cash offer they've made, CarZar will try to find you a better deal through their network of partnered dealerships within 48hrs. If you opt for this fall back service, CarZar will still handle the entire process from inspection to delivery with the same level of professionalism you can expect from the CarZar brand.
  4. CarZar's service is 100% obligation free, if you are not happy with the cash offer you are not obligated to sell to them and you can try to find a better deal elsewhere.

CarZar will come to you to buy your vehicle. CarZar has also partnered with several Dekra and KwikFit outlets.

CarZar Cape Town inspection centers are located in: Montague Gardens, Parow, Stellenbosch and Wynberg. CarZar's Johannesburg inspection centers are located in: Bedfordview, Killarney, Morboro Park and Northcliff, for Pretoria you can get your car assessed in Centurion.

Add your details on for an instant offer and experience the ease of dealing with 1 of SA's leading car buyers.
Contact details for

Cars Wanted

Cars wanted is a family operated car buying service that specializes in buying used vehicles throughout Gauteng and KZN. Although they have been buying cars for over 35 years, the Cars Wanted online service has been in motion since 2013. If you are selling your bakkie, 4x4, or sedan, as long as its running they should definably be one of the first few we buy car and bakkie services to get an offer from.

Why sell your car or bakkie to
  1. Their service is seamless, they handle everything from collection, to payment and paperwork
  2. It's a family managed company thats well established, you deal directly with the owner.
  3. They are approachable; it would be easier to negotiate when you can communicate directly with the person who calls the shots.
  4. If your vehicle is financed, CarsWanted will settle your car and pay you the difference.

If you are buying a new car and thinking of selling or trading in, Speak to CarsWanted in Johannesburg or Durban before you sign the deal

Cars Wanted contact details:

SA Auto Buyer

SA Auto Buyer has been around since 2009, The company buys privately owned vehicles as well as small and large vehicle fleets nationwide. The process is simple and explained in 3 easy steps, 1. Add your details on - 2. A personal onsite evaluation of the vehicle is arranged which takes no longer than 15 mins. 3 - Once a price is agreed upon, SaAutoBuyers will pay you on the spot.

Why sell your car to
  1. The vehicle evaluations of SA Auto Buyers are quick (15 min) and they come to you at an arranged time/venue.
  2. SA Auto Buyers can help you if you are selling a fleet of vehicles anywhere in South Africa.
  3. SA Auto Buyers are contactable at any time on their 25hr hotline number.

Contact SAautoBuyer to sell your car or vehicle fleet throughout South Africa

Cash 4 Cars

Cash4cars has been around since 2001/2002, this makes it one of the oldest car buying services in South Africa. Cash4Cars buys Cars, Bakkies, Trucks, Bikes, Trailers, Leisure Vehicles, Classics and Exotic vehicles which indicates they have no price cap. Cash4cars guarantees that payment will be in your account before they take delivery of the vehicle. Cash4Cars also buys non running vehicles.

Why sell your car to
  1. Cash4cars will personally make you an accurate offer opposed to automated services.
  2. They will try to beat an offer made by a competitor.
  3. Cash4cars seems to offer a personal service where you deal directly with them, no call centers, 3rd party appraisers and un-qualified assessors.
  4. Cash4cars can collect your vehicle nationally free of charge

Contact Cash4cars to sell your car quickly without unnecessary stress and fluff.

Sell My Car 2 Day

The sellmycar2day platform has been running since 2015. sellmycar2day guarantees that they would beat any price offered for your vehicle, they buy any vehicle no matter how old in any condition.

Why sell your car to ?
  1. You can sell your car the same day with immediate payment.
  2. sellmycar2day is affiliated with major car retailers such as Imperial Motor Group, McCarthy Motor Group, MH Motor Group, Unitrans Motors Group, Fury Motor Group. Through these working relationships sellmycar2day could potentially beat your current cash offers.

SellMyCar2Day isnt clear about the areas they operate in but their contact number suggest they are based in Johannesburg, Get in touch with SellMyCar2Day to get a cash offer your your car.

Cash 4 Vehicles

Cash4vehicles started in 2009 and has established 6 Appraisal Centers. The service of Cash4vehicles is painless, convenient and safe. They come to you for a viewing and to finalise their offer. Payment is made securely and they only take the vehicle once you have received the funds.

Why sell your car to Cash4vehicles ?
  1. Cash4vehicles will handle all the paperwork.
  2. Cash4vehicles can settle your finance, you only need to obtain a settlement amount and they will settle it.
  3. If you want to sell your car but only release it after a particular date, Cash4vehicles will make you a confirmed offer and pick it up when you are ready to release.

Contact Cash4vehicles to sell your car in Johannesburg, Roodepoort, Randburg, Krugersdorp, Bethlehem, Welkom and surrounfing areas.

Before you proceed...

For us to fully appreciate the services of the next car buying service, we need to explain a few things

  1. Most of the car buying services are buying for trade, this means they are buying your car for re-sale and the price they pay is close to trade value or at least on par with what they previously paid for the same vehicle to re-sell at a profit.
  2. All the car buying services evolve around a simple concept: once they've inspected your vehicle and a price is agreed upon they pay you and transfer ownership. Your deal is done, you move on with life and never hear from them again.
  3. Although this is what most sellers are looking for, The downside is that once the sale is completed you might find yourself wondering whether you could've gotten a better deal had you waited a little longer or shopped around. It hits you even harder when you see the same make and model for sale elsewhere at a price much higher than you received.
  4. Each car buying service is going to make you a single offer with the exception of CarZar and TheCarBuyer.
    CarZar extends their services to sellers by placing the vehicle on "what seems" like an online auction restricted to verified car dealers, through this optional service you could possibly receive a higher offer and still experience the convenience of CarZar .

    TheCarBuyer offers a listing service, if you aren't happy with the cash offer of TheCarBuyer, they offer to place your vehicle on a platform where a network of buyers can see your vehicle and contact you directly.
    Eitherway, the offer you receive from most of the buying services that advertise, "Instant Payment", "We come to you", "We Buy Cars", etc will still be close to trade or less than the vehicle retails for. Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, there is an alternative with the next service in this list:

Get Worth

Get Worth launched its services in 2017 with a unique concept that's appealing and definitely worth considering. GetWorth offers South Africans 2 options to sell a car. GetWorth will pay you outright as can be expected from a car buying service but sellers can also choose the getMore offer. GetWorth inspects your vehicle, pays you immediately and transfers ownership.
Here comes the twist...
Once they've bought your car they then maintain and repair the vehicle to a high a standard so getWorth can sell the car, bakkie etc at a retail price just as a regular car dealership would. Once a buyer is found and the vehicle is sold they pay you an additional bonus which is the difference of the first payment and the price they sold it for less expenses.

Heres and example extracted from the getWorth blog:
Anthony sold their Nissan Bakkie to getWorth for R126.000, this amount was paid to Anthony up front... so Anthony has the cash and the bakkie is sold. Get Worth takes the bakkie away and does whatever getWorth does. Get Worth then sold the bakkie to a consumer at retail and paid Anthony a R44,560 bonus!
Although the exact details are not clear to us since we havnt use the service, Get Worth explains the procedure to be completely transparent to the extent where you are in control of the final selling price and the extent of refurbishment, you know exactly what the costs and fees are before you decide to go this route.

Why use to sell your car?
  1. With getWorth a seller has the opportunity to get much more when selling their privately owned vehicle.
  2. The services of getWorth are transparent.
  3. You have options and you know exactly what you are getting into before you commit.
  4. getWorth settles vehicle finance on your behalf.

Contact getWorth to sell your car in South Africa

We Buy Your Car

We Buy Your Car launched its service early 2015 and has been gaining popularity through its online marketing campaigns. With WeBuyYourCar anyone can easily sell their vehicle and receive offers from webuyyourcar and partnered dealerships. If you are happy with the online approximation you simply need to book an assessment with a partnered dealership and they will handle the rest of the transaction for you.

Why sell your car to
  1. Free online offers and free assessments through partnered dealerships.
  2. WeBuyYourCar has buyers nationwide, this could result in you getting a higher offer.

Contact WeBuyYourCar to sell your car in South Africa

Sell Us Cars

SellUsCars has been growing since 2014 and has an established car buying and selling service in KZN and PTA. SellUsCars offers a no nonsense, smooth easy and transaction when you are selling your car in the greater Durban area and Pietermaritzburg. They use the latest in market tracking analysis of the car market, and offer you the best possible price up front.

Why sell your car to
  1. Sell Us Car Buyers buy vehicles to re-stock their vehicle supply and not entirely for profit. With this objective you could receive a decent offer for your car opposed to services concentrate on paying less to increase profits.
  2. Sell us Cars doesnt charge any admin fees, as with most other car buyers, their service is free.
  3. Sell us Cars will pay you within 24 hours, if a price is agreed upon verbally or by appointment they will buy it as long as the condition remains the sale.

Contact SellUsCar to sell your car in Durban or Pietermaritzburg.

We Pay More

WePayMore is brand new service for buying/selling cars, while their methods of buying and transacting is not clear we thought it worth mentioning the service because they seem to be managed under the same umbrella as Allied Capital. Allied Capital is a nationwide service for pawning and loaning money on vehicles. Until we can share a little more information on their procedures, WePayMore seems appealing as they guarantee to beat any competitors offer.

Why sell your car to
  1. See if they are willing to beat other standing offers

Contact WePayMore to sell your car in Bellville, Cape Town and Johannesburg

About this list:

  • We cannot guarantee that the information presented in this list is accurate.
  • We cannot vouch for the legitimacy and integrity of any of these companies.
  • Before you make a decision based on the information provided, please verify the information on this page by visiting the respective website or by contacting the service you are interested in using. We do not monitor changes in the industry nor the services of individual companies and cannot verify that their services remain in operation and have not changed.
  • This list was populated mostly from information freely available, if you find an error please let us know.
  • If you want your company removed from this list get in touch, if you can verify yourself we will remove the information.
  • To add you company to this list, send us an email and your request will be considered.
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