What to expect, K53 road test

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By: 11 Jan 2018 at 21:56
What is the drivers license test like?
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What to expect, K53 road test
What is the drivers license test like?
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Most traffic departments have at least 2 established routes. Your examiner decides which route you would follow.
Wearing your seatbelt is compulsory.
You can only use the push and pull (ten and two) method of steering during your road test.
All the observations, traffic signs, markings and road rules
must be practiced.
If you cause a collision or if the vehicle proves to be un-roadworthy the test will be terminated.
The emergency stop, your examiner will tell you to stop the vehicle when it's safe to do so. The examiner will then order you to drive and bring the vehicle to a sudden stop. You will be instructed to perform at least one hand signal.
You will be instructed to do atleast one lane change throughout your test.
Minimum duration of the road test is 20 minutes, and the maximum 45 minutes. If your test exceeds 45 minutes your scoring will stop, however; if you cause an accident after the 45 minute period, you would have to take the test again.
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