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How does rank work ?


How does rank work ?

What is rank?

Toda Rank is the result of our scoring algorithm. The content on Toda is ordered by rank. If you search for a phrase on Toda or if your browse the website, most of the results are ordered from the highest ranking content to the lowest.

The higher the rank, the higher the search position and the more frequently it could be displayed with other content across the Toda network.

How do I earn rank?

Rank is earned when you receive positive votes on your Questions, Answers and Comments. Every time a user votes on your content, the rank algorithm is activated and your rank score could be increased.

Which content is affected by rank?

  1. Questions
  2. Answers
  4. Businesses
  5. Ads

(1) Questions

If a user votes positively on a question you’ve asked, you gain 3 rank and trust points. If a user votes negatively you lose 1 rank and trust point.

Whenever you ask a question, make sure you are clear and concise, provide as much information as you can and try phrasing the question in a manner that will benefit other users as well. This way your content could continuously gain you ranking, as more and more users find value in the information you’ve provided.

(2) Answers

If a user votes positively on an Answer you’ve provided, you gain 5 rank and trust points. If you receive a negative vote for an answer, you lose 2 rank and trust points.

When you answer a question, be certain of your answer, make sure you are answering the question clearly and correctly in a manner that could benefit a different user that has the same or similar question. Remember, different users will stumble across the same question, by providing a comprehensive answer, you could continuously earn rank and trust for that single answer.

(3) Comments

When your comment is votes, your rank is adjusted with 2 rank positive or negative rank points depending on the type of vote.

Futile comments usually earn negative votes. Try to comment in a manner that benefits other users or the poster.

(4) Businesses

Businesses cannot be voted on directly. Your business rank increases and decreases with the votes you receive for your questions and answer. So, if you answer a question and your answer receives 10 positive votes from different users, you will earn 50 rank points, that rank is mirrored to your business profile. If your questions and answers receive negative votes, your business rank will drop accordingly.

If you post quality content that’s helpful and beneficial, users are more likely to vote positively. This can help you maintain a constant high ranking score because every time your content is voted on, your business rank is adjusted for as long as the content remains active.

(5) Ads

Adverts cannot be voted on directly. The ranking system for adverts is different to Questions and Businesses. Your advert rank also increases with the votes you receive on questions and answers. However, every time you receive a positive vote for your content, the system finds your weakest performing ad and boosts it to the top of the search results. The next time you receive a positive vote, the cycle is repeated again for your weakest ranked ad.

By having content that regular receives positives votes from different users, your adverts will receive a regular boost to the top of search results.


In some of the following cases, rank may be adjusted by the system or a moderator

  • If high quality or useful content is submitted, the rank may be boosted to increase its visibility so more users can benefit and easily find the content.
  • If the system or a moderator detects duplicate content, misleading votes or any other deceiving content or schemes, the rank and trust of the benefitting account and content may be adjusted, or reset to zero.

You're commenting on:

  • Avoid in-appropriate remarks and comments.
  • If you'd like to thank the poster, you should cast a vote.
  • If you have a question, ask it here.