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How to get your business ranked


How to get your business ranked

All Toda businesses are scored with an internal ranking system.

In a nut-shell: If you ask questions, contribute to answers or post useful comments, the chances of you ranking well is far greater. The more often you use the platform and the more valuable your input is, the better your business is advertised.
The rank of a business can be influenced by:

  1. The votes a user receives from members, moderators and the system. Valuable and informative questions, answers and comments generally earn positive votes, these votes are converted to rank and transferred to the user’s business and adverts.
  2. The more you interact on the Toda network the more rank you could earn, in some cases when you contribute an answer, place a comment or ask a question, even if you don’t receive any votes, the system can boost your accounts trust, the points earned is converted to rank and then transferred to your business and/or adverts

Most of the time, rank is only adjusted by the ranking algorithm as listed above, there are however cases when the businesses rank may be adjusted manually

  • A moderator may adjust a business rank based on the content provided. If the content, images, products etc. stand out in terms of quality and value, a moderator might boost the rank to promote the business initially, thereafter the rank will have to be earned as with all other business profiles.

How does higher ranking benefit a user’s business profile?

The highest ranking businesses are rewarded with additional exposure to users searching for similar content in 1 or all of the following instances:

  • If a user is searching for a particulare phrase, the system will fetch the closest and most relevant business and display it on the same page. The system will always fetch the highest ranking businesses and could display 1, 2 or 3 results.
  • If a business owner answers a question and the answer receives an X amount of votes, the business is shown alongside the answer with custom preview enabled, custom preview is also referred to as “full display”.
  • In marketing material. We may market business profiles externally, businesses chosen are based on the business rank and/or users trust.

Why did my ranking drop?

  • When your content is voted on, it enables the ranking algorithm which can affect your business rank positively or negatively. If your content is poor it usually attracts negative votes, negative votes decreases your business rank.
  • To keep the ranking privileges fair and obtainable for all, the system automatically resets the rank of all businesses profiles on a scheduled basis. This schedule is determined by the moderators.
    For example:
    At the designated time, the system resets the rank of profiles so that new businesses can compete fairly. If the rank didn’t reset, if would be impossible for other business profiles to try and achieve high ranking.

It’s important to note:

Although the ranking is reset, users with valuable and informative content that continuously attracts votes can very quickly regain their rank status.

How does rank resetting work?

  • Businesses with less than 100 rank points will retain between 0 and 5% of its ranking
  • Businesses with more than 100 rank points will retain between 0 and 10% of its ranking
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How to get your business ranked
All Toda businesses are scored with an internal ranking system. In a nut-shell: If you ask questions, contribute to answers or post useful comments, the…
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