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Tips to pass my license code 8 K53

pass license driving school code 8 green point

Tips to pass my license code 8 K53

Im looking for pointers on the drivers test for code 8.
Ill be driving a Hyundai Atoz manual and im doing the test in Greenpoint
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Tips to pass my license code 8 K53
Im looking for pointers on the drivers test for code 8. Ill be driving a Hyundai Atoz manual and im doing the test in Greenpoint
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Be confident and prepared.

Practice the alley docking, parallel parking and incline start to your instructors satisfaction. Ask them to clarify your weaknesses and rectify them. Practice until you are confident that you are ready. If you're an experienced driver, don't take it for granted that you will pass the driver's test. The practical test is not only about handling a vehicle correctly. Most of the test is on safety and observations and it must be done in accordance with the K53 driving standard. Drive to the traffic department so that your seat, steering and mirrors are already adjusted to a comfortable position. If you are not able to drive the car to the testing station and your driving school meets you there, adjust the seat, steering and mirrors before you introduce yourself to the examiner.

Know what lies ahead.

Your driving school should know the test routes for the traffic department you've booked at. Take a driving lesson on the actual test route, try to do it prior to your test so you are aware of the road condition and possible obstacles at that time. There will be more than one established route, let your driving school / instructor do a test with you on all the routes and score you on your K53 driving standard. Insist that the driving school allocate the same vehicle you've practiced with for your driving test, especially if you are a new driver and majority of your driving experience was gained with the instructor's vehicle.

Driving Lessons.

Be confident but be practical, the K53 standard of driving takes practice. Its a lot to remember, 2 or 3 lessons won't be enough for a new driver. Embrace the learning curve and book enough driving lessons with an instructor you are comfortable with. Most driving schools offer package deals, take advantage of them. If you've booked lessons with a driving school, take the very last lesson just before your driver's test. This lesson should not be used to revise your weakness, it should be used to regain your confidence!

The Test

On your pre-trip inspection the examiner needs to see that you understand what basic measures to take that determines the overall safety of a vehicle, speak clearly and point to each item of the exterior and interior inspection. Familiarize yourself with the vehicles controls and their positions, it's natural to be a little anxious, if the examiner tells you to put on the indicators and by accident you operate the opposite lever for the wipers, this adds further pressure on you and it makes the learner panic unnecessarily. If this happens, don't stew over it, correct the mistake and apply the necessary control. Even experienced drivers make this mistake when they get in a new vehicle, it's not a big deal but it helps to take your test with a familiar car. During your test, try not to distract yourself with the grading of the examiner. You are allocated a small margin of error, if you make a mistake, take a mental note, move on and concentrate on the next maneuver or instruction. During the yard test, your seat belt and the push and pull method of steering was not compulsory, on the road test it is. Make sure you fasten your seatbelt and only use the push and pull method of steering during the road test. Apply the rules of the road and stick to the speed limit, don't worry about other drivers, you are a learner and they have to be courteous.

The Learner Driver

A substantial amount of learners that fail their test are competent drivers and are fluent with the K53 driving standard, they fail the driving test because they were nervous and stressed. A lot of the time the mistakes recorded by the examiner are not mistakes the learner has made before. Try to relax and don't over think it. Do the test as if you were driving casually. This in essence is part of the K53 driving standard; that you can apply the necessary observations and maintain road safety under stressful circumstances. If you don't pass the test, speak to the examiner, ask them to explain your mistakes and don't delay, Make a booking for the next test immediately.

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