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FNB credit card perks and interest rates

Ive been banking with FNB for about 10 years, A few years ago FNB called to offer me a credit card, I must have agreed because the credit card showed up in my internet banking. To date, I have not received…

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Unfair treatment at work still on probation

hi ok so heres my issue salaries were paid yesterday mine did not clear i assumed my boss was with a different bank this morning (saturday) i was on my way to work stoped to drop my son off at daycare…

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CellC How to send a please call me sms message for free

To send a please call me from CellC network dial *111*the-number# CellC offers their clients 7 free calls me per day to any network As with all network providers, CellC offers a free SMS service where…

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CellC, How to recharge airtime with voucher pin

CellC has various methods of recharging or buying airtime and data, the most convenient these days are via the banking apps. Most banking apps charge a fee for this service, however minimal it is, it…

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