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Wynberg Vehicle License Department

  • Wynberg Vehicle License Department
  • 33 Main Road, Wynberg 
  • 0217617002 
  • 10 Jan 2018
  • Western Cape » Cape Town
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Wynberg License Office is a convenient option if Plumstead is full.
The traffic department is located in the same complex as Suzuki, right opposite the train station in Wynberg.

There are no chairs and the queue can extend till out the door but its usually a quicker wait than Plumstead and I have found the staff to be more helpful.

Wynberg traffic department does not open on Saturdays.

You can renew your cars license, do change of ownerships, vehicle registrations and apply for duplicated registration documents.

Traffic fines cannot be paid for Wynbergs traffic department

Wynberg Vehicle License Department has no deals on offer at this time

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